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Last update August 18th, 2014 ! We have available kittens !

INTRODUCTION is a love history.
When our first cat, a abyssian called “Papyrus” left us at 15 years on May 24, 2003, we understood that never again we could do without a cat… we did not know yet that we would have very quickly to use plural: … for our greater happiness…

Arwen &  ADN   Papyrus our first Abyssian

A breeder called Hubert Ranoux said to me it has been a few months that it took time to know what one sought by taking the sometimes chaotic way of the breeding. He was right well!


Firstable we wish to be modest, as well in our matter as in the scale of our breeding.

Others before us, traced ways and “wiped the plasters” in the development of the 2 breeds which we breeding today.

They should not be forgotten. Some of them trusted us and lavished to us their councils affectionate and benevolent and let us be we extremely grateful to them.
I one am impassioned of the color, even if it is not it which precedes in the standard of the cat (morphology being more important for the number of points in judgement).
It is the pallet which the genetics offers to us which impassions me (sorry for the purists, even if I love also Hare and Sorrel at Abyssian…).

After all, the tastes and the colors… and they all are in nature!

Enjoy your visit.

Arwen & ADN



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